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Being An Angel Girlfriend 101 | Dessert for Thoughts

Being An Angel Girlfriend 101 | Dessert for Thoughts

Welcome back to Dessert for Thoughts, enjoy the meal.

This post is dedicated to all girlfriends, or future girlfriends, in the whole wide world.

We’ve all fantasised about our dream boyfriends – the one who is understanding, caring, smart, “prospective”, responsible, and of course, *clears throat*, good-looking. Not to mention a plus point: has a six-packed tummy (or even eight!).

But have we ever thought that girls like Kati and Iz can never, ever date a guy like Nate? It takes a whole lot Blair Waldorf to make the guy fall in love. (Gossip Girl language. Translation: a basic girl lacking qualities can never make the dream guy her boyfriend). A monkey gets his banana. A princess gets her crown. Blah blah. You got the point.

In order to have such a perfect boyfriend, we have to first perfect ourselves as a girlfriend.

Now if you’re currently in a relationship and expect your boyfriend to improve some certain traits, or you’re currently single and waiting for your perfect guy, here’s some 101 amateur tips to be an angel girlfriend (now or in the future).

#1 Freaking understand him

From his favourite food to his mood-swings. What’s going to make him mad, sad, upset, happy, excited. Distinguish his actual girl friends – the ones he’s purely, only friends with and his “girl friends” – and don’t be such an over-jealous bitch.

He’s busy at work? Let him be (trying to be supportive is a MAJOR plus point in his eyes).

#2 Tell him what makes you upset – don’t ask him to know himself, he won’t

Your boyfriend is barely a fortune-teller. If you don’t like something, tell him softly – in a way he would understand. How? I don’t know, he’s your boyfriend, find out. A tip: provide facts and rational reasons.

#3 Be independent 

In other words: don’t be clingy. Do your own thing and work hard, your boyfriend will only be prouder of you. Be responsible for your own self: don’t wait until he reminds you to eat to make you eat your lunch. Your boyfriend is not a babysitter (or your mommy).

#4 Be pretty and smart

  • I know, I know. Easier said than done. Extremely when you’re lacking in the self-esteem department. All I’m capable to do is to give a tip: build that freaking self-esteem. Exercise your ass off, eat healthily, sleep regularly. Put on nice clothes and makeup everyday. Anything, really, just do things to boost your self-confidence instead of mourning it off. And then, don’t hear ANY negative things people have to say about you (underline: excluding your closest people). It’s toxic.
  • Get some good grades. Intelligence is sexy. You don’t think you’re smart? Well, everyone is. You’re just lazy. Don’t go partying on a school night. Study for your exams. Do all your assignments. Voila.

#5 Never lie

Do precisely as told, no excuse. (Oh, maybe except on his birthday). Being a girlfriend that he can trust = another MAJOR plus.

#6 Care, or behave like you care a lot, lot, lot about him

Don’t revolve your relationship around yourself. Your boyfriend is a human, too. Acknowledge his hobbies, needs, and dreams. Support him towards achieving and enjoying them.

#7 Trust him

Do not overprotect. If you’ve ever been cheated on: 1) people change 2) your boyfriend is not your ex-boyfriend and not all guys are the same. You don’t have to track his phone GPS to know where he is. A relationship where he could just say things and you would just believe it without having to have proof, is the healthiest.

If he used to lie or is still lying at times: understand the reasons why he lie. Compromise. Talk to him that you want to understand him and all his reasons. Make him understand that he can be honest about anything and doesn’t have any friggin’ reason to lie to you.

#8 Never bring up the past

If you have a conflict, clear it as soon as possible. Find a long-term solution and make an agreement acceptable to both. And never, ever talk, let alone blame him again for what happened.

#9 Use your common sense

The most important of all: as said. Adjust. Take the current situation, condition, and surrounding into consideration. Common sense is way more important than you think.

Sources: years and years of being friends with guys and some personal experiences. Tee-hee.

I know I’m far from being a perfect girlfriend – an “angel” one, but every girl can try to be and there’s nothing wrong with it at all.

Try to be the angel girlfriend, and now you deserve to expect for that six-packed, understanding, perfect guy to be your boyfriend.

We can barely change any other person. The only person we are able to change is ourselves. Keep that in mind, start focusing to improve our very own selves rather than expecting others to improve theirs, and the world will become a better place to live in.

Happy being an angel girlfriend!

See you in the next Dessert for Thoughts.

Hey, spread the words to your girl friends (or girlfriend!).

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