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What happened to real quality times? – A Technology Drawback | Dessert for Thoughts

What happened to real quality times? – A Technology Drawback | Dessert for Thoughts

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I realise that my 14th-year-old self was true.

In occasion, I like to imagine about living before this crazy era of technology, when people barely communicate through cellphones.

An era when a girls-tea-time is full of endless chats, stories, thought-sharing, even gossips, rather than finding the best angle to picture ourselves and eventually upload it to social media.

An era when the people you’re talking to devote their full attention with no interruption of message notifications or without scrolling through their social media feeds.

An era when your family dinner time is solely for eating and chatting and that’s all.

An era when a moment of silence is filled with staring at unimportant views of our surrounding – which sometimes generates new conversations – rather than staring at our own screens.

Such a technology drawback.

What happened to our real quality times?

I won’t be such a hypocrite. I am, too, a technology user. I use Apple(s) in my daily life. I typed 92498423049 questions in Google search engine. I order lunch via an online food delivery application. I watch a thousand movies on Netflix and a million on Youtube. I basically do everything with gadgets.

I know how this era of technology benefits the existence of human being. I do understand and practically am enjoying it.

Yet those facts can’t stop me from questioning; how does it feel to live in the prehistoric times, say, the Stone Age? Or don’t bother imagining that; just how does it feel to live my whole youth and young adolescence life before gadgets and technology become one of our primary needs?

When I was in 9th grade, my practical exam for English course was a speaking test about benefits and drawbacks of technology. I myself wrote the essay prior the test and memorised it – and even though the content was extremely general, but trust me, I know how a coin has two sides.

In the last paragraph, I basically wrote some conclusion like this (not precisely): “Technology has both its benefits advantages and drawbacks, so we have to be wise to filter the drawbacks in order to only attain the benefits.”

Now I realise that my 14th-year-old self was pretty much true… and I want everyone to know that very basic notion – and practice the preach.

Now would you put off your cellphone and devote your full attention to the person you’re talking to? Would you listen to your mother’s unimportant rambles instead of hiding in your room watching Youtube videos? Would you spend real quality time with your friends instead of posting a picture of you and your friend with captions like “quality time with babe” while you actually only spend the time taking pictures, choosing which one to upload, and editing it?

Do you realise what so-much-more you can do if you allocate your gadget-time to something else more productive or useful?

If you didn’t already, do realise now.

I believe we’re all wiser than my 14th-year-old self who advises the readers to “filter the drawbacks in order to only attain the benefits of technology”.

I believe we’re all capable, too, to do such thing.

Leave your gadgets. Start living more in real life, and I believe, your world will become a better place to live in.

See you in the next Dessert for Thoughts.




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