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Life is a game, here is the win condition | Dessert for Thoughts

Life is a game, here is the win condition | Dessert for Thoughts

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Life is a big, big game. A huge one which has many sub-games in it.

I love metaphors. I love picturing a thing as another thing in my head.

I once joined a campus committee organising a 5K Fun Run event called Prisoners Escape just because it has a unique concept of portraying the runners as prisoners trying to escape from jail – and I was very interested in contributing to such a creative, metaphorical event.

When I was in high school, I was once involved in a fundraising for a community development project, where my group provided a secret delivery service of gifts (flowers, mini parcel of food) which we named Goodspell, and provided a gift card saying “Someone casts a spell on you!” to every recipient, portraying the gifts as a “good spell” that someone casted on them (also promoting the service with the tagline “spread the goodspell!”)

I believe people have their own metaphor (definition) of life; how they choose to perceive the life they’re living. I do, too.

I like to perceive life as a big, big game. A huge game which has many sub-games in it, where I can choose which sub-games I would like to play. I don’t have to play all the sub-games provided by life – since I can’t anyways, and because I don’t have all the resources required to play.

The thing is, the higher the percentage of sub-games I win of all the ones I choose to play, the higher the chance of me winning the big game, that is life. Thus, I have to choose wisely, which sub-games I have more potential to win, in order to increase my winning percentage.

For instance, when I was in high school, getting overall good grades was unquestionably not one of my games. I didn’t care about how much I score on a geography test (in fact, I got 3.8 of 10 in my geography national test – but I passed high school! The ultimate magic). However, I did care about being one of the starting 11 in the school soccer team when we were off to competitions. I joined training two to three times a week, catching up for my no-soccer-background, managed my exercise schedule outside soccer trainings, and kept track of my sleeping and eating pattern to be in order every single day.

Doing well in soccer was one of my games. Let’s just say that the win condition is being in the starting 11 and playing well the whole 90 mins. The closer I got to these win conditions, the happier I became.

This is how I see life. In the big game, the ultimate goal is basically to be as happy as you can be. The win condition is to live the life you’ve always imagined and dreamed of. It’s simple: you’re not winning as long as you’re not happy with your life.

Life is a game, win condition: live a life you’ve always dreamed of.

Anyways, this so-called-philosophy of life that I just shared actually was inspired by a very very insightful person. But please don’t expect high of me, because the person is only a fictional character.

It’s Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. If you love drama and have time for series and haven’t watched it, YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD. My previous sentence is not sponsored, I promise. Anyways, back at it, here’s what she said:

Courtesy of Pinterest

I don’t know if I’m sorry at all that one of my role models is actually fictional, but please forgive me. Plus, who said that fictional characters can’t actually be such an inspiration, right?

Well, well. We’ve finally come to the part where my ramble is just about to end. Maybe, if there is any takeout from this random writing of my definition of life, it’s these:
1. Choose to play sub-games that you feel fit you best
2. Devote every effort you can to win the sub-games you’ve chosen
3. The old saying applies: “Hope for the best, expect for the worst.”
a. Only, apply the first sentence “hope for the best” while you still can do things about it.
b. When it comes to the time when there’s nothing you can do but wait and hope, apply the second sentence “expect for the worst” – At this stage, if you have a God, pray! It works, at least for me (I pray to Jesus).
4. ENJOY your victory and learn from your losses. You can’t win every time. Take a lesson from your down times and try to seize the day.

Last but not least: win the big game. Be happy. After all, it’s what we’re all after, isn’t it?

See you in the next Dessert for Thoughts.




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