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Hello – The Appetizer | Dessert for Thoughts

Hello – The Appetizer | Dessert for Thoughts

I’m a curious soul, having a lot of thoughts and questions about things. Mostly about life.

I like deep thoughts and I love dessert. So why not put both in one sentence? Welcome to my brand-new, lovely blog: Dessert for Thoughts.

I know, it’s inspired by the famous saying food for thought. But desserts are sweeter, so…

Hello. My name is Clara Vania Lucas, in 1997 club, currently pursuing my bachelor degree in Prasetiya Mulya Business School (it has changed its name to Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, but I honestly like the previous name better). I take Marketing major, once wanted to move to Business but didn’t, and haven’t regretted that ever since. I love marketing.

I’m a curious soul, having a lot of thoughts and questions about things. Mostly about life. I’m also interested in psychology, laws, and the marketing world. A little bit about humanity (more about justice though, that’s why I love the law. And I watch the series SUITS! You should too). Politics, not really into it – even though I’ve ever wanted to be the Minister of Law and Human Rights, but cancelled because my country is… a bit painful to repair, to say the least, so I’ll just leave the difficult job to somebody else.

I’m the only daughter of two loving parents who pretty much are like magnets – a total personality opposite but attract each other – and the 80% reasons why I’m everything I am today (rest 20% is by uncontrolled external forces called life). I have two brothers, one older and one younger, and I love one of them a tiny bit more than the other at times (fully temporary, depends on who is being more pain in the ass at the time).

I sometimes write poems, or just writing my heart out.

So this blog is basically going to be a jar of words of either my heart in written form, or my thoughts about things going on in our big, confusing world. Obviously, a Dessert for Thoughts.

Thank you for clicking and reading. I hope you’ll want to digest more of my Dessert for Thoughts (if that sounds weird, by that I mean read more of my writing).

See you soon.


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